"Customs-Logistic" - port forwarding and high level service

"Customs-Logistic" LLC is an integral part of the group of companies "Customs"; it carries out sea, road and rail transportation and freight and forwarding services.The company operates on the “door to door” principle, i.e., without involving intermediaries and third parties, carries out "door to door" intermodal transportations.

Also, our company provides the following services:

  • Port forwarding;

  • Customs transit registration;

  • Warehousing services;

  • Organization of rail freight;

  • Booking places on tonnage;

  • Delivery of goods to the destination specified by the customer;

  • Organization of container transportation.

"Customs-Logistic" company renders logistics services and intra-port forwarding since 2004!Since then we have gained enormous experience in dealing with various issues related to the transportation of goods.Our company has earned recognition as a qualified and competent specialist in transport logistics and organization of freight.It is confirmed by numerous recommendations and grateful feedbacks of customers who were successfully helped to save time and earn more revenue.

Our specialists have ideally tuned all the basic tools of logistics, constantly improving methods of work.

ACTIVITY OF "Customs-Logistic" COMPANY meets all international quality standards.

  • Individual attention to each client, careful working out delivery options, optimal for each shipment, for each route;

  • Focus on long-term cooperation with each partner;

  • Timely provision of relevant and accurate information about each client’s container in the process of delivery, obligatory meeting deadlines of delivery, flexible payment system.

"Customs-Logistic" provides high-quality delivery of containerized cargoes of any size, thanks to its carefully elaborated business schemes, logistic models and practical knowledge of our experts.

We offer our clients a full range of delivery vehicles (sea, road and rail) in all regions of Russia, as well as various options for connections of traffic flows. We carry out intra-port forwarding of containerized cargo lots.

Call our office, and our managers

  • quickly calculate cost of your goods delivery;

  • Establish direct contact with your supplier abroad and receive your shipment from the warehouse anywhere in the world;

  • Choose the best route and carry out transportation in a short time, with a guarantee of safety;

  • Provide full information about the whereabouts of the goods;

  • Formalize transport documents;

  • Insure goods in reliable and responsible companies.

Our clients receive the full range of services, including solving individual problems, and logistics projects of any complexity.Being a professional company, "Customs-Logistic" provides a consistently high level of service.