"Customs-Survey" - survey services.

Integral part of the group of companies "Customs" LLC - "Customs Survey" - offers surveyor services to improve the quality and reliability of freight.

Survey services are independent examination carried out by a competent person, during which the more detailed inspection and verification of the goods transported, as well as used vehicles, are carried out.

Surveyors specialize in the investigation of all the circumstances and causes of damage to the goods (the so-called insurance events).For example, damage caused by violations of the mode and term of transportation, incorrect or unsafe securing, carelessness in loading and unloading of cargo, negligent handling.Surveyor also consults shippers and carriers, monitors the cargo inspection procedures at the seaport and outside the harbor, reveals damage to goods and packaging, and collects the full amount of the facts in order to correctly identify the causes of damage.

During its operation, "Customs" company has deservedly gained an impeccable reputation of a reliable and responsible partner.That’s why all the major insurance companies, transport and logistics companies and international trade organizations know that our experts can be trusted, and without doubt accept our examinations acts of quantity or quality of the goods.

Our surveyor's reports are always made ​​taking into account all the requirements for such documents.Our customers never have problems associated with incorrect paperwork, lack of necessary permits, and other difficulties that occur with non-professional workers in this field.

Guarantee is the financial stability of group of companies "Customs".

Please, take into account that all our activities are insured by the leading insurance companies in the world.

Our rates

1 000.00 rub.

Container inspection at port of St. Petersburg

2500.00 rub.

Unloading the container in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

2800.00 rub.

Unloading the container in Moscow

We have a flexible discount system, which depend on the amount of work required.

To date, the complex of survey services is an integral part of the modern process of organizing transportation.

Surveyor services bring significant benefits to the customer, improve profitability of the business, because it is the most effective way to avoid potential problems and delays in transportation of various goods.