"TransGroup" is part of the group of companies "Customs".The company has its own fleet of trucks, which carries out transportation of all types of containerized cargo.

All vehicles of "TransGroup" have motor own damage insurance; liability of the carrier is insured as well.

All the company's vehicles are equipped with the satellite navigation system, which enables real-time location of cargo. Transport company "TransGroup" LLC has worked in the freight market since 2004, and since then has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner in the transport market.At the moment our transport company specializes in the services of goods transportation and takes its rightful place among the freight forwarding companies in Russia.Since 2004, we provide services for road transportation on all the territory of Russia; and have our own fleet of vehicles consisting of both domestic and imported vehicles.

We carry out international multimodal transportation of goods and cargo transportation across Russia.Now we offer comprehensive services for road, sea and rail transportation of cargo around the world, providing preparation of all necessary documentation.

Scope of our activities includes:

  • Container transportation

  • Railways freight traffic

  • Road transportation by trucks

  • International freight

  • Maritime freight

  • Transportation of consolidated load from Moscow

  • Transportation of consolidated load from St. Petersburg

  • Door to door” transportation scheme

We can always find a rational scheme for freight and required rolling stock for you!

Container-transport system is a modern most economical transportation of good used both in domestic and international transportation.Container transportation can significantly reduce transport costs in the production costs.

We offer services on the organization of international maritime and multimodal transportation from any country to Russia and from Russia to any country in the world.We transport goods using all types of containers, railway cars or shipload lots.

We offer services in the organization of combined international transport (multimodal transportation) using different modes of transport in all directions.

Reception, handling and transshipment of goods in the process of multimodal transportation is carried out in the Russian port of St. Petersburg, and in the ports of Europe and the Baltics (Kotka, Hamina, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Tallinn, Riga, and others).Subsequent international and multimodal delivery for combined transportation of goods to the customer's door is carried out by road and railway.

Our staff monitors the movement of cargo on route, keeping constant contact, thus ensuring the security, timeliness and efficiency of freight. You can always get full information from our experts about the whereabouts of the goods.You can always be advised on planned dates of dispatch and arrival of goods at destination point.We guarantee high quality and compliance with the minimum terms of the delivery of your goods to the destination point.Professional courses for managers allow us to provide a highly skilled advice for customer on the selection and development of optimal transport schemes.For convenience of clients we offer preliminary estimates of rates for the transportation of goods with a selection of the most optimal scheme of goods transportation. We have flexible system of rates for transportation.We provide traffic control at all stages of transportation in the territory of Russia, so that customers virtually at time can find out the whereabouts of their cargo.