Refrigerated warehouses for storage of frozen food in the "Customs" company

Group of companies "Customs" provides a full range of services related to the goods transportation.This includes both paperwork and obtaining the necessary permits, and services of the surveyor who is seeking insurance payments in the event of goods damage, shipping support and logistics.

For customers who need to ensure safe storage of frozen food, we provide refrigerated warehouses in St. Petersburg.Usable capacity of refrigeration is 1500 tons of simultaneous storage.

Our warehouses provide storage services with the subsequent registration of necessary veterinary accompanying documents.

We provide storage services since 2004.The experience gained since then allows us to increase the speed and quality of cargo handling.Having own refrigerated warehouses, our company rents refrigerated containers with a temperature range from + 4° C to - 25° C.

Refrigerated warehouses provide:

  • storage of frozen fruits and vegetables;

  • storage of frozen semiprepared products;

  • storage of seafood;

  • storage of frozen fish;

  • storage of frozen meat;

Rent of refrigerated container in our company allows entrepreneurs to deal exclusively with their business without being distracted by a lot of annoying little problems that inevitably accompany any warehousing.

Advantage of container storage over shelf storage is that the container is sealed with your or surveyor’s seal, it only stores your goods.

Our warehouses are very conveniently located near the ring road.They can be approached by any type of transport.

Our address: St. Petersburg, station "Kondakopshino", instructional farm "Pushkinskoye".

Our warehouses have received the necessary certification for their activities.Now they are working around the clock and every day, receiving and shipping the goods.Each of our customers can be sure that they will be served at a time convenient for them.

All warehouses of "Customs" are under constant video surveillance.Safety is provides by professional and responsible specialists.


Rates for services and cargo handling




Name of service

Weekdays, 9.00 - 18.00

Weekdays, 8.00 - 21.00

weekdays from 21.00 to 08.00 , Friday , weekends and holidays - 17:00


The basic rate for work on goods loading/unloading

130 rub./ton

160 rub./ton

200 rub./ton


Loading/unloading of unpalleted goods (not in boxes)

170 rub./ton

210 rub./ton

255 rub./ton


Loading/unloading through the scales

+ 40 rub./ton

+ 50 rub./ton

+ 70 rub./ton


Goods sorting

+ 40 rub./ton

+ 50 rub./ton

+ 70 rub./ton


Reload of the container (25 tons)

4800.00 rub.

8000.00 rub.

8000.00 rub.


Storage rub/day per container





Waiting for handling works by loaders is paid additionally in the amount of 120 rubles/man-hour, beginning from the time specified in the customer's request.

We charge an extra fee of 1700 rubles for operations of the warehouse on weekdays after 21.00 and on Friday after 17.00.

Work at night from 23.00 to 9.00, as well as on holidays and weekends, is paid additionally in the amount of 3000 rubles.

Goods are paid according to the GROSS weight; NET weight to GROSS weight recalculation in performed at a rate of 1.05 (in case, if the GROSS weight is not specified in the documents).

Cost of adhesive tape and stretch film is paid separately.

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